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There truly is a tool for every job and there are some tools that can do more than one. The STK, however, is unique. It is a feature-packed, functionally-designed tool with Every Day Carry (EDC) in mind. With inputs from some of the foremost designers and makers in the knife and tool industry, the STK has unparalleled attention to stylistic and functional detail.

After designing the STK, we thought it would be cool to make a more lightweight travel safe version of the STK that people could keep with them in places with stricter carry regulations. This spawned the creation of the RIFT - an all titanium, travel safe, pocket pry-tool that carries nicely on a keychain or by itself. 

100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Premium Materials

 Frame - 6AL4V Titanium

Pocket Clip - Precision waterjet 0.05" thick 6AL4V Titanium

Hardware - Every screw is also 6AL4V Titanium

Blade -  3/16" Premium S35VN Steel - This is truly a "Super Steel" optimized specifically for the knife and tool industry to provide maximum toughness and edge-holding ability. 



Overall Length - 4.5" when opened 

Thickness - 0.3" closed

Blade Length - 1.7"

Width - 1.6" 

Weight - 2.9 oz


Standard Blade -  The compact razor sharp edge of the STK is chisel ground with a microbevel edge and  sharp 90 degree tip. This makes it ideal for all EDC cutting tasks, from from opening boxes to cutting cordage.

Scraping Blade - Unique to the STK, it even has a 1" sharpened scraping edge for push cuts or even getting that tough-to-remove sticker off your window.

Pry Edge / Flat-head Screwdriver - Specifically made with hard-use in mind, we created a custom-angled pry edge for tasks like opening paint cans or anything where you don't wish to dull the blade - additionally, we dimensioned it to be able to turn a standard flathead screw. 

1/4" Bit Driver - When you need to turn a bolt or screw in a pinch, the STK and Rift deliver an innovative bit driver that will work with any standard bit or 1/4 tool.

Wire Stripper - This small notch assists when stripping wire casing of scored wire up to an 18ga. It also serves a double function as a "Spanish Notch" making it easier for you to field sharpen your blade when needed.

Pocket/Money Clip - Our custom Titanium pocket clip allows for the STK to be carried via pocket, belt, MOLLE, or any number of places. Our custom made clip also allows the STK the be carried and function as a money clip that can carry cards, as well as cash.


The Rift

Material & Dimensions

Frame - 6AL4V Titanium

Weight - 0.9 oz

Overall Length - 3.5" 

Thickness - 0.15625"

Width - 0.9"

Key Features:

Pry Edge / Flat-head Screwdriver - Unlike the razor sharpened edges of the STK, the top and side edges of the Rift are dulled down but narrow enough to assist opening paint cans and prying up nails. The 90º corner can be used to open boxes or for anything where you don't wish to damage your knife blade or tip. The opposite corner is dimensioned to be able to turn a standard flathead screw.

1/4" Bit Driver - When you need to turn a bolt or screw in a pinch, the Rift delivers an innovative bit driver that will work with any standard bit or 1/4 tool.

Key Dangler / O2 Wrench / Bit Storage -  The milled channel can be used with included O-rings to store a standard 1/4" bit or turn an O2 valve. You can also attach your keys to the channel which allows them to hang comfortably  in your pocket or slide back for prying


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