Kopis Designs

Form, Fit, and Function for Every Day Carry

The Company

Kopis Designs is a collaboration project started by Jon Bahlatzis in 2016 with help from both family and friends. The word Kopis originates from the Greek word for "to cut or strike" and was also the name for one of the swords most commonly wielded by hoplites in Ancient Greece because of its purpose-built design. 

At Kopis, we believe that the best designs are ones that are created with the user in mind and we focus on creating innovative EDC (Every Day Carry) tools that prove useful in any environment. Kopis uses only the highest quality materials in the creation of our products and every tool is designed and made in the USA with close attention to its form, fit, and function.

Our design and development process is very unique in that it utilizes an iterative, rapid-to-market approach that ensures validation and feedback with potential end-users at every step. Throughout the process, we collaborate with some of the most creative and skilled minds in the business to make sure that every detail has been vetted with subject matter experts - from the design tolerances to the surface finishes. 

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