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Blade Show and STK Project Fulfillment

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported The STK Project! We are about 75% through shipping to all of our Kickstarter backers and then will be working on pre-orders for people who missed the campaign and ordered through the website. We are extremely happy with the final product and having a great time seeing you all using your STK's and Rifts. 

We also had a great time at our Blade Show booth with Vehement Knives and got to even meet some people who supported the Kickstarter or had seen us in various publications, which was awesome! We also released our first full-custom handmade fixed blades at the show and we are happy to say that we have sold every one - only wish we had made more already, but we have the next batch in progress right now. 

Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see photos of all of our new products and from the show!



Once again, thank you all for the support!


All the best,

Jon and Dave


Manufacturing Progress

Just wanted to post a quick update so you could all see your multitools as they are being manufactured. Both the STKs and the Rifts are coming right along and looking great!

The STK Project Funded over 500% on Kickstarter

We can't say thank you enough to everyone who supported the STK Project! This has been an amazing experience. We exceeded every goal that we set for this campaign and it was in no small part thanks to you all! 

We are working right now on updating all our digital media platforms and most importantly finalizing our production and distribution schedule. As you can see, most of our products that were offered on Kickstarter are now available for pre-order here on our website and will be shipped out in March following delivery of our Kickstarter run.

The STK Project Featured across the Web!

Just wanted to put a big thank you out there to everyone who has supported the STK project on Kickstarter so far! As we work towards our next goal, we also want to recognize the awesome group of media outlets who have featured our project. I would definitely encourage anyone following the STK Project to check out these great publications to find the latest and greatest in gear and news!

Added Feature on Rift - For Free

Thanks to everyone who has supported the STK Project so far, we have been able to reach $15,000! 

Reaching this milestone has actually allowed us to add a new feature on the Rift for free! Everyone who has already ordered a Rift or orders one between now and the end of the campaign will receive a #2 Phillips dit-driver, two o-rings, and milled o-ring retention slots with their Rift pocket pry tool!

Check out the photo below to see a prototype including the change and let us know what you think!


STK Project Successfully Funded in Under Three Hours

A big thank you to everyone who helped us meet our initial funding goal so quickly! This guarantees the creation and delivery of our first production run of both the Rift and STK.

Please continue to support and share the project as we are working on some additional developments for the products and project and continued funding is going to allow some exciting things!

Kickstarter: The STK Project



The STK Project is Live on Kickstarter!

We are very excited to announce that The STK Project is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Quantities for this discounted First Production Run are limited, so order your STK and/or Rift today and check out some of the other backer rewards we are offering! Don't hesitate to email or message through social media with any questions. Thanks!

Usual Suspects Network Gathering VIII

What an awesome time at G8 this year. We were privileged to be in an awesome table group with Sibert Knives, South Grind, the Pardue Brothers, and Vehement Knives and got to meet some really awesome people all around! Just wanted to also say thank you to everyone that came by the table! Great meeting you all.

On Our Way to USN Gathering

After weeks of preparation, we, along with Matt Martin of Vehement Knives, are going to be on our way the the USN Gathering in Las Vegas tonight, where we are going to release the designs for the STK and Rift for the first time to the EDC and Knife community! Really excited for this one. Hope to see you there!

Working on the First STK and Rift Prototypes

Last weekend Jon went down to Arizona to work on the first prototypes with Jack from Tuff Writer. Exciting stuff on the way!

Hardware and More Prototyping

Good news! All of our hardware has finally been selected and we have the vendors lined up for each. Titanium screws are really not easy to find. 

In addition, we had our first set of custom punches made to be able to make custom-sized phosphor bronze washers for the STK's and we have over 5 ft of phosphor bronze sheet on its way to Colorado. 

CAM-work is well underway and we are also optimizing toolpaths for machining run time this week. All of the tooling and test materials are en-route as well!

Stay tuned!

The Start of The STK Project

As many of you know by now, our first product being released this year is the STK. Just to give you a quick status update. We are on our fourth design revision and have completed what we hope might be our final set of 3D Printed prototypes! (That shit is not cheap!)

Our next step is aluminum CNC machined prototypes from our friends over at Tuff-writer hopefully within the next week. If these go as well as we hope, we are going to be getting into the Titanium and S35VN Steel for the next batch!  

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