Kopis Designs

Form, Fit, and Function for Every Day Carry

The Team


Jonathan Bahlatzis - Owner/Founder

Jonathan is the CEO and founder of Kopis designs. He also has worked for General Electric since 2009 in a variety of capacities ranging from manufacturing engineering, to special process auditing, to internal efficiency consulting. Outside of his day job he has worked since 2014, first as an apprentice, and then as a designer and process consultant with Vehement Knives. This is where he first learned the ins and outs of creating high-quality tools and blades.

A self-proclaimed jack-of-all trades, Jon is a certified EMS First Responder, welder, bushcrafter/survivalist, artist, builder/rider of vintage motorcycles, and of course - a knife enthusiast. It is a combination of these elements and a healthy dose of crazy that he brings to Kopis Designs.

For Jonathan, Kopis Designs represents a lifelong passion for Every Day Carry. Well before he even knew what EDC was, he was collecting every gadget, knife, and tool he could get his hands on and finding unique ways to carry them.  He has always lived his life believing that that one should be prepared for anything. The designs that he and the Kopis team create are all things rooted in personal experience and a borderline obsession with being ready for whatever life may throw at you. 

David Bahlatzis - Co-Founder/Marketing & Sales Director

Dave's background is in Music Industry and Business Communications, but has had a wide range of experience in marketing, media, and industrial investment. His role is to streamline creative branding and maximize the digital presence of Kopis, while overseeing the organizational structure and strategy of company objectives.  Another passionate outdoorsman, when he isn't working,  he spends a lot of his time exploring, camping, fishing, and climbing. 


Chris McMenamin - Engineering

A Colorado Native with years of hardware design and engineering experience, Chris got his Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Colorado at Boulder. When it comes to ensuring fitment and manufacturability of our products, Chris is the one behind the scenes looking at each feature down to the one-thousandth of an inch. An avid hiker and cyclist, as well as husband and dog-dad, Chris also enjoys a good double IPA (or two) while designing. 


Alex Caldwell - Filming and Video Production

When it comes to creating engaging and dynamic media, there are few better than our own cousin Alex of AC Visual Media. An expert in taking visuals from concept to reality, Alex ensures that our products can be seen in a variety of environments and uses. Like the rest of the Kopis Team, he is an outdoorsman and also an appreciator of craft beer - he even grows his own hops for home-brewing. If you are looking for media for anything from products to music or live events, check him out at www.alexwcaldwell.com.




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