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La Caja - Traveler's Kit

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La Caja - Traveler's Kit

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Like most useful things out there, the concept for La Caja (The Box), arose from need. We had friends and family who travel a lot and wanted something with a blend of purpose driven tools that could be carried/used in various environments, so we started our own research and testing while getting expert feedback from people like Ed Calderon and our friends at Serepick. Each box comes in a coated steel tin and houses the following items:

  • (1) V-Nickel or Buffalo Nickel (early 1900’s vintage) Bracelet - this has a 900 lb rated Technora cord and can be worn discreetly and used as both a friction saw, as well as garrotte.

  • (1) Dice Pick - a G10 spike accompanies a composite dice and when kept separately appears to just be a tablet stylus with a dice with a hole in it. However, when combined, the spike can be press-fit into the dice for a last ditch self defense or utility tool. The dice can also be used as a hand brace for any type of pointed object (like a porcupine quill or carpenters nail). The spike comes slightly blunted so it can be carried into a nonpermissive environment and field sharpened to personal preference on carpet, sidewalk, nail file, etc. Steel deflator style spikes may be available by request after the drop. Contact us if needed.

  • (1) 1” ferro-rod with mounting holes and cotton tinder. Discreet in appearance, the small ferro-rod can be mounted on anything from shoelace to the kit’s included cordage to start fire for survival, distraction, or escape and evasion.

  • (1) 10ft length of 200lb rating braided Kevlar cordage to be used in improvised tools, shelter, fastening, concealment, or friction cutting.

  • (1) 12'‘ tight roll of Gorilla tape

  • (1) 1.25” ceramic razor blade - nonmetallic for non-permissive environments, concealable, and with small hole for dental floss, thread, etc.

  • (2) 1.5” mini glow sticks to provide emergency/covert lighting or marking targets, tools, or specific places.

  • (1) Serepick V 1.1 OSS Tool - based on a very successful WWII special operations tool, this concealable kit includes The OSS Tool Set is a throwback to an original WWII era design. At just shy of 2.5in long, this tool is designed exclusively for covert concealment and includes steel offset diamond pick, Bogota triple pick, long reach hook pic, and escape saw, as well as a tension tool and carrying cap.

  • (2) Microclip Handcuff Keys -Featuring an integrated clip that allows it to securely affix to clothing. Discreet placement options include belt loop, cuff of a long-sleeve shirt, waistband of pants or underwear, top of sock, etc. Its minuscule size and low-profile design make detection extremely unlikely, but remember in a high stress situation, these can break if not careful unlike the Delta below.

  • (1) Serepick Delta Cuff Key - The Cadillac of cuff keys, the Delta was developed to work on handcuffs with advanced security features and features a full split that allowing it to bypass the security pawl on ASP Model High-Security handcuffs and will work with Russian BRS, German Clejuso, Korean Yuil and other handcuffs that share similar keyways. The Delta Handcuff Key also works with traditional and standard handcuffs like Smith & Wesson, Peerless and others. The key is a coated Stainless Steel and weighs 1 gram. One key and one micro zip-tie for application to buttons, shoes, etc. is included.

  • (1) Serepick steel handcuff shim which will work on almost all single-locked common cuffs

  • (1) Serepick Quick Stick - Designed to quickly open many heel and toe locking dogs on padlocks, as well as keyways on most file cabinet locks and tool chests. Its small form allows for discreet carry compared to traditional knife tools. By simply bypassing the pins on a keyway all together, the Quick Stick can release the locking dog faster than standard picking often can.

  • (1) Serepick EZ Decoder - Similar in appearance to the Quick Stick, the EZ Decoder™ is a custom designed covert and portable bypass tool designed to open many combination padlocks made by Sesame and Master Lock, as well as many luggage locks and cash boxes by decoding or shimming.

  • (1) 70MM Diamond Wire Blade - Created through the process of using wire impregnated with diamond dust of various sizes this cutting technique can pass through almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive. Cuts stainless steel, iron bars and chain; all it takes is patience and time.

  • (1) 0.020” Card Shim - Similar to “credit carding” doors etc. back in the day, this piece of high durability PETG is highly durable and can use the same technique to bypass entries. It can also be field cut into latch hooks, and other specific entry tools or taped over a bolt/latch to prevent engagement

  • (2) 1” x 2” Heavy Duty Adhesive Strips - these can be cut to size and used to conceal parts of your kit on one’s body or in/on strategic objects for concealment and easy access.

Upgraded Kit also comes with

  • (1) Slip n Slide Lock Bypass card tool from SAP Gear

  • Pick scabbard inspired by @Ruelas537 and @delta2alpha

All tools fit neatly within the tin and can be spread throughout one’s kit or on one person to aid in preventing or detection or confiscation. Remember, the tools are only as good as the person using them and we encourage you to research or seek courses to instruct on proper use if unfamiliar. Note: not all of these tools are permitted everywhere so you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the legality of carry and use.

Stay safe!

Each kit also comes with a Kopis Designs matte sticker in the tin.

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