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Skullrider Collaboration Paperweight

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skullrider sap.jpg
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Skullrider Collaboration Paperweight



Note: It is customer responsibility to know respective local and state laws regarding what you possess and carry.

With high demand and limited supply, these will be offered for a short time before production starts. Each one is handmade by Bad Love Leather, and we expect an 8-10 week lead time. With 12 oz. of cast lead encompassed by premium leather wrapped around it, these Skullrider paperweights are made for hard use and can stand up to anything, including holding down a fat stack of documents on a windy day, while still being being easy to move and discreet. Whatever life brings your way, you have the tools to be ready.


Weighted end: 5” x 2.5”

Strap: 6” x 0.75” with steel d-ring

Stitching/Thread Color:
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