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STK with Apocalypse Wash Finish

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apocolypse wash stk.jpg
STK Anatomy.png

STK with Apocalypse Wash Finish


*First pre-orders to be shipped in May following delivery of our Kickstarter run*

The Vehement Knives Apocalypse Wash a multi-stage process that we complete individually and by-hand for each specific order. This adds to the custom look and feel of your tool. Inherent to this process is some variation, so expect a completely unique finish.


The STK (Sliding Tool & Knife): A compact, durable, feature-packed multi-tool unlike anything else you have seen. The frame incorporates a unique, integrated locking mechanism that allows you to safely open/lock the tool. The backside sports a titanium pocket clip which can also be used as a money clip. The blade features a hand-sharpened top edge for push cuts and scraping, as well as a standard side-blade for slicing. It also includes a bottle opener that doubles as a ¼" bit-driver, a flathead/pry edge, and a center channel that can be used as an O2/wingnut wrench.

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  • Two Cutting Edges - Both edges are hand-ground and honed. One is for standard cutting and has a wire stripper notch. The other is designed for scraping or push cuts. The sharp 90 corner also makes it great for slicing.

  • Flathead/Pry Edge -  The robust 45-degree pry edge doubles as a flathead screwdriver.

  • Wingnut/O2 Wrench - The center channel is designed to turn either one.

  • Bit Driver/Bottle Opener - Drive a standard 1/4" bit or open your beverage of choice.

  • Pocket/Money Clip: The sturdy, titanium pocket clip secures the STK to just about anything, whether pockets, purses, MOLLE gear, or backpacks. It also functions as a money clip to hold your cash and cards.

  • Wire Stripper



Frame - 6AL4V Titanium

Pocket Clip - Precision waterjet 0.05" thick 6AL4V Titanium

Hardware - Every screw is also 6AL4V Titanium

Blade -  3/16" Premium S35VN Steel - This is truly a "Super Steel" optimized specifically for the knife and tool industry to provide maximum toughness and edge-holding ability. 

ATTN: Active and Former Military and First Responders

Kopis Designs supports active and former military personnel (in good standing) and first responders and we want to thank you for your service. Before placing your order, please send us a quick message to receive a discount or free, special add-on!