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Anodized Rift

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anodized rifts on mat.jpg
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Anodized Rift


*First pre-orders to be shipped in April following delivery of our Kickstarter run*

The Rift Pocket Pry Tool:

An all titanium, pocket pry tool companion to the STK that has more than a few features. A pry bar is best used for anything you wouldn't want to ruin a knife blade on. The Rift can be used for everything from a box cutter and bottle opener to a key dangler and bit driver.  Weighing in at just under an ounce, it is reminiscent in style and appearance to the blade of the STK, but includes no sharp edges. This makes it 100% airplane safe and the perfect tool to carry when traveling.  

-Includes bit and o-rings


6AL-V4 Titanium


Overall: 3.5" L x 0.9" W x 0.1875" H

Weight: 0.9 oz


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ATTN: Active and Former Military and First Responders

Kopis Designs supports active and former military personnel (in good standing) and first responders and we want to thank you for your service. Before placing your order, please send us a quick message to receive a discount or free, special add-on!